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Toddler Purses & Handbags

"Every little girl wants to emulate her mother. Whether it’s stealing her mom’s high heels to scoot around the house or dragging mom’s handbag along the hardwood floors, toddlers are extremely impressionable. In today’s high-tech world with cell phones and gadgets, children especially copy parents. In fact, this is the ultimate compliment from a little one, as it means she is looking up to her parents as role models. It’s natural for children to find comfort in their environments and fostering this is an important part of child development. Today’s toddler purses are designed to mimic moms’. The latest styles include a variety of colorful prints and appliqué designs, including flowers, ladybugs and butterflies. Some come with shoulder traps and others are designed in to mimic the latest handbag fashions. Additionally, some purses come with toddler-safe accessories, including a little girl’s own wallet, keys, plastic lipstick (rest assured, this is clothing and furniture safe!), mirror and even an electronic cell phone. For little girls that are natural born animal lovers, some purse sets include little stuffed animals, so girls can carry their new pet toy in the ultimate style. Whether parents are looking for play and dress up accessories, or a little purse to compliment their toddler’s stunning Christmas or Easter dress, the vast array of toddler handbags is sure to astound parents’ – giving them much needed shopping therapy.banner.jpg