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About Us

Welcome to Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique! We mix and match Girls & Boys Apparel, Accessories & shoes in surprising ways for the delight of the little fashion lovers. We were created inspired by our beautiful Lil Girl & Our Two Handsome boys. In our vision, Fashion is a simple way of expressing and shaping the natural artistic spirit of our little children. The passion for fashion is an important legacy to pass on to our children. The philosophy behind Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique is keep intact the innocence of our kids and still manages to embellish their days with cool,hip and classy outfits. We have hand-picked selection of high-quality goods.The outfits that we love and hope you will love them too.Our sizes range from newborn thru size 14,Check out our propositions of brand clothing for girls and boys,In addition We Wanted to connect with other parents With Young Kids,and since my Daughter(Rairis)And his mommy have a passion For Fashion,Opening Cool Kids BKLYN Boutique Seemed Like a Perfect Solution.

 Who is Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique?

We are a one stop shopping destination where you will find the perfect blend of affordable and stylish domestic made and globally imported clothing along side some of the best and must have children's brands and notable designers. We are dedicated to bringing you an amazing, fashion forward collection every season.Coolkidsbklyn is a Girls & Boys Boutique, based in Brooklyn Ny.We aim to offer a world of fun and fashionable surprises. If you are looking for Quality Online children Boutique Store For Trendy Unique Fashion, Babies And Kids Apparel,Accessories And shoes,then you have come to the right place.I personally choose unique pieces for our store and create distinct outfit combinations that define Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique’s style. Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique is to become the home of branded kids clothing, apparel, accessories and shoes.


Our Story

Welcome to Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique –  a world of fun fashionable Girls & Boys Apparel, Accessories & shoes

Who am I?

My name is Iristania and I am a woman, a wife, a friend,designer,a business owner, but most importantly I am a mother.My beautiful little girl and my two handsome boys are my life’s meaning and my inspiration to create this online boutique. Like any other young mother I showcase my experience from hosting play dates, pack lunch boxes, style photo shoots, play peek-a-boo, read stories, document school concerts, envision new Italian shoe designs, and shop (mostly for my kids). After having my daughter..I noticed that we share this wonderful passion for fashion and brand shopping, so opening Cool Kids BKLYN Boutique Seemed Like a Perfect Solution. I blended my passion for fashion with the love for my family and I created Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique.In addition We seek to connect with other parents with young kids and make this Girls & Boys Apparel, Accessories & shoes Boutique into a community.


Why Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique?

Here at Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique, we are devoted to bring you imaginative wearable clothing which embraces the innocence and fun of childhood and has both modern and vintage appeal. Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique offers complete looks for girls, boys and baby, from underwear, nightwear to classy party outfits and cool play outfits. The Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique brand is always expanding and exploring to bring you the latest and hottest trends in kids fashion.We want to introduce you to new brand & Accessories, you might not find anywhere else.The purpose of Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique is to become your first choice for brand trendsetting outfits.

The Brands we love

Fashion is built on brands. Established names in fashion industry have the gift of becoming trendsetters as well. What woman doesn’t love Prada purses or Italian shoes? What man doesn’t love a Versace suit? More and more lately, the big names in fashion, like Diesel, Agatha Ruiz, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Laurent, etc have created exclusive kids apparel collections. The little girls and boys look up to their parents and want to be fashionable in similar way. The young generation of our times has a keen sense of fashion; they want to be trendsetters as well. Why not let them explore this passion? It started with little sizes of Convers and wings Adidas and now it goes to kids collection of RED Valentino. Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique wants to bring clothing, apparel and accessories brands under the same roof and within just a click away.